Payment on the Luca-S.MD website

To place an order through the online store, choose the desired product and then click on the "Add to cart" button. The product will be added to the shopping cart.

To view the selected products, click on the shopping cart. To send the order, click on "Send order" .

Please complete both your contact details and delivery address in the starred sections below before placing an order.

Cash on delivery/Card payment to the courier involves paying the amount of money for a product or service at the time of its delivery by the courier. Here's how this process happens:

  1. Order Placement: Initially, place an order for a product on the Luca-S.MD page.

  2. Selecting the payment option: When placing the order, you will have the option to select "Cash on Delivery", "Cash on Delivery" or "Courier Card Payment" as the payment method.

  3. Order Confirmation: After selecting cash on delivery, complete the order process. You will receive an order confirmation including product details and total payment.

  4. Delivery: The courier will deliver the package to the address specified by you. At the time of delivery, you will receive the package and the courier will ask you to pay the specified amount for cash on delivery.

  5. CASH payment: When the courier asks you to pay the refund amount, you will give the corresponding amount in cash. It is important to have the exact amount.

  6. Delivery and payment by card: The courier will arrive at the address specified by you and present the parcel to you. At the time of delivery, you will be able to pay by card. The courier will provide you with a mobile terminal or other device to process the payment.

  7. Receipt or confirmation receipt: After you have made the payment, the courier will give you a receipt or proof of cash payment for the delivered product. Be sure to keep this proof for any future reference or return needs.

It is important to check your order details and payment amount carefully before making a cash on delivery payment.


1. On the page where you select the payment method, choose "2Checkout Convert Plus (by Verifone)".

2. You will be redirected to another page.

3. Choose the payment method "PayPal", you can pay with your PayPal card regardless of whether you have a registered account.

4. If you don't have a PayPal account, follow the payment step with a credit card

5. Enter an active email address.

6. Fill in all the required data.